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Blooming Marvellous

Hold onto your hats, she's blogging again. For the second time this year. It's unheard of!

I come bearing news of flowers. It's May 1st which means that the new Blooms of the Month went live today (actually on the day I said they would!). 

2018. The Year of Tumbleweed Blogging. Again.

Hello 2019! Where did 2018 go? And while we are at it, how is it March? Again, another whole year (and a bit more) has passed us by and I haven't blogged. Maybe this year I'll do better (snort) (snort again).

So Long 2017

Hello 2017! Goodbye 2017!

That's how much I blogged in 2017, like, nada. If we could all survive off my best intentions we would all be rich beyond our wildest dreams.