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Homeopathy and Healing - Helen Jefferies

Homeopathy and Healing - Helen Jefferies

It's the first interview on the blog and I am delighted to introduce you to my friend of over thirty years, the lovely Helen. Initially seeking to balance her hormones, she discovered the benefits of Homeopathy two decade ago, leading her eventually to a career change. Now, with over ten years of experience as a fully qualified Homeopath, she shares her journey, insights, and the deeply personal connection to her practice. From treating her own children with natural remedies to running courses on Homeopathic first aid, her story is a testament to the power of nature in healing. 

What sparked your interest in Homeopathy?

I found it by chance really, around 20 years ago I was chatting to a friend about how my hormones had been out of balance since being on the pill and she recommended I go and see her Homeopath. I hadn’t heard of Homeopathy before but as I’d been in and out of the doctors office without resolution I decided to book in!

What has your journey been like?

Initially I was going to see a Homeopath to balance my hormones, I soon realised that it could help with so many other things so I continued seeing her to keep me healthy.  In 2009 I decided to do a course on treating first aid situations with Homeopathy, this got me hooked and I then decided to embark on a 4 year training to become a qualified Homeopath. I have now been a fully qualified Homeopath for over 10 years and love it more each day!

Do you have a particular style in your Homeopathic work?

There are a couple of camps in Homeopathy, either classical or more practical. I am more of a practical Homeopath meaning that you may get a few remedies from me to take throughout the month as I might prescribe remedies to support you on different levels. For example your overall constitution, organ support, hormones etc. All Homeopathic remedies aim to treat a person on the mental, emotional and physical spheres, it is a truly holistic medicine.

Which areas interest you most?

I am most interested in supporting women through the various cycles of their lives from puberty, period health, hormone balancing, motherhood and perimenopause. I also see a lot of women (and some men) for stress, sleep & anxiety support. I run courses in treating first aid and acute situations at home as being a mum of 3 boys Homeopathy has been invaluable to me to support my children when they have coughs, cold, fevers, bumps, bruises and so on.

You forage and grow your own food, how does this find itself into your work?

I like to feel connected to nature which is why I love Homeopathy. Remedies are natural and non toxic and some are derived from plants, flowers & minerals. My absolute favourite thing to forage is elderberries in the autumn to make my boys elderberry syrup which is packed with vitamin c and great for colds and flu. There is also a Homeopathic remedy made from the elder tree! I grow a few things that have been made into Homeopathic remedies, for example Hypericum Perforatum (St Johns Wort) in Homeopathic form is used to treat cuts and wounds.

What qualities do you need for this work? How have you changed and evolved in this?

Empathy is probably the top quality you need to be a Homeopath as sometimes people come to you with lots that has happened in their lives. Most of us Homeopaths are very passionate about natural health and healing. You also need a love of learning, there are always new remedies to study or new prescribing styles. I think the longer I have been on this path the more sure I am that nature always has the answer.

How do you feel it has enhanced your life?

In so many ways it is hard to quantify.  My children are rarely ill or need to visit the GP as I can treat them with Homeopathy and for this alone I am truly grateful.  I have met many like-minded folk along the way and mostly I love the fact that I feel empowered in my health care choices.

A favourite quote. 

So hard to choose but one I keep in mind often is “Nothing in nature blooms all year, be patient with yourself”. I can often fall into the trap of thinking I should be doing more or achieving more, but if we look to nature there are often times of stillness and rest as well as growth and renewal.


If you would like to discover more from Helen, you can do so here.


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    Wonderful interview there on Homeopathy with the very talented Hella. As we come into spring I think her quote: “Nothing in nature blooms all year, be patient with yourself” is very apt!

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