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Fresh Picks: Explore Our Fruit and Vegetable Themed Ceramic Collection

Fresh Picks: Explore Our Fruit and Vegetable Themed Ceramic Collection

Spruce up your kitchen and dining experience with our delightful collection of handcrafted ceramic and stoneware pieces. From the vibrant Red Cabbage Ceramic Bowl to the playful Orange Salt and Pepper Shakers, each item in our collection is designed to add a burst of colour and a touch of whimsy to your home. 

In the heart of every home lies the kitchen, a place where meals are crafted with love, laughter is shared, and memories are made. At Jodie Simone, I believe that every kitchen deserves a touch of whimsy and functional beauty. That's why I am so excited to show off our collection of handcrafted ceramic and stoneware pieces that will infuse your cooking and dining spaces with colour, charm and personality. 


1. The Vibrant Red Cabbage Ceramic Bowl

Imagine a bowl that's as lively as your favorite dish. Our Red Cabbage Ceramic Bowl is one of my favourites and so much more than just a container for your salads or fruits; it's a vibrant addition to any meal that promises to make you smile. Perfect for dinner parties or a patio meal in the Summer, it's designed to bring cheer and style to your table.

Ceramic Red Cabbage Bowls


2. Playful Onion Dish

Add a splash of fun to your kitchen essentials with our Onion Dish. This hand-painted, onion-shaped dish is a delight and one our best sellers. It's great for snacks but equally lovely for kitchen trinkets or for displaying in your cabinet. It's the perfect pick-me-up for any kitchen and a thoughtful gift for friends who love a touch of quirk in their home.

Ceramic Onion Dish


3. Charming Stoneware Beetroot Dishes

Our set of two Beetroot Dishes are the sweetest. Ideal for serving snacks, especially in an al fresco setting, these dishes are as functional as they are decorative. They make a wonderful gift for gardening enthusiasts or anyone who appreciates a touch of originality in their kitchenware.

Beetroot Ceramic Dishes


4. White Pumpkin Salt and Pepper Shakers

Celebrate the essence of autumn all year round with our White Pumpkin Salt and Pepper Shakers. Their minimalist design makes them a fantastic complement to any décor, enhancing the autumnal vibe of your dining space, either day to day or for your halloween parties. 

Pumpkin Salt and Pepper Shaker


5. Pomegranate Salt and Pepper Shakers

These are so lovely! Bring a burst of fruity fun to every meal with our Pomegranate Salt and Pepper Shakers. These bright beauties are designed to look just like the real fruit, providing a playful and eye-catching addition to your table. They're perfect for those looking to introduce a vibrant, fun element into their dining experience.

Pomegranate Salt and Pepper Shaker


6. Ceramic White Pumpkin Trinket Dish

I love this dish. With a glossy finish and charming pumpkin shape, it's perfect for holding small trinkets and snacks or as a festive decorative piece. Whether you're decking out your space for Halloween or simply love the rustic charm of autumn, this dish is a seasonal must-have.

Ceramic Pumpkin Dish


7. Handmade Ceramic Persimmon Cup

Up your tea experience with our sweet Ceramic Persimmon Cup. Handcrafted from Yixing purple sand, this mini cup is perfect for those who cherish the ritual of tea drinking. Its unique appearance and quality craftsmanship ensure a delightful sipping experience, making every tea time a special occasion. It feels so decadent to use!

Persimmon Ceramic Cup


8. Rustic Ceramic Acorn Dish

With a rustic finish and speckled details, our little acorns are versatile enough to serve as a stylish jewellery dish, spoon rest, or handy tea bag caddy. It brings a touch of woodland charm right to your tabletop, making it a lovely addition to any home.

Ceramic Acorn Dish


9. Orange Salt and Shakers Pepper 

Add some zest to your table with our Orange Salt and Pepper Shakers! These vibrant shakers will add a touch of summer and a whole lot of playfulness to your dining experience. Plus, seasoning your food just got a whole lot more fun!

Orange Salt and Pepper Shakers


Visit our shop to explore these delightful additions and find the perfect pieces to enhance your kitchen and dining areas. Whether you're looking to treat yourself or find a unique gift, our collection promises not just quality and functionality, but a sprinkle of joy and a dash of charm in every piece!


Are you a ceramicist in the UK and looking for stockists? I am on the look out for quality fruit, flower and vegetable themed ceramics and would love to hear from you. 

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