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British Wildflower Seeds

  • £2.99

Stylish seed packets full of wildflower seeds, designed by the talented inky artist Kate Moby. The bees and butterflies will love this selection of over 20 varieties of pollinator friendly seeds. Spread the love (and some tasty nectar) for our winged friends and have a positive impact on the environment and our declining meadows. 


  • Seeds to cover one square metre.
  • 100% UK wildflowers
  • Viable for 2 years if stored correctly
  • Over 20 varieties 

A champion of British manufacturing and a sustainability warrior, Kate Moby seeds from Habitat Aid support a number of charities, including Gardening for Disabled Trust, The Hawk and Owl Trust, The Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Amphibian and Reptile Groups' 100% Fund, Freshwater Habitats Trust, Buglife, Butterfly Conservation and more. 


You will need to sow this seed onto bare earth in - weed beforehand! It won't work if you just throw it on the lawn. Sow in the spring or late summer / autumn, when the soil is moist and the earth is warm. Just leave the seed on the surface and lightly roll or tread to ensure good contact with the soil. Give it a nice gentle water, careful not to drown or wash the seed away. That's it.

Please check your countries custom terms for receiving seeds.