Wild Folk moss


A charming real moss decorative signature or logo to add a woodland touch to your home or business.

The moss signs are made from real dried sphagnum moss. They will last many years and are easy to take care of. No care required

Please keep out of direct sunlight. No watering is required.

The signs come with picture hooks and nails so you can attach to walls if you wish (can be easily screwed into the wood and moss).

Made from:
The letters are a wood frame smothered in real Sphagnum moss.

The signs do not need watering as the moss is dry. They stay their best indoors but can be used for outside events. We do not recommend the sign to be kept permanently outside as they will weather and fade, however you can respray them if you so wish.


Price starts from £100

Please contact us for a quote before ordering. 

We ship worldwide with fast track options.

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