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Dried Flower Wreath Cake Decor

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  • £50.00
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An abundant dried flower wreath cake topper for a wild and natural look. Packed full of seasonal and homegrown dried flowers, the wreath topper sits on the cake for the special day and then can be hung up in the home for a beautiful keepsake of the day.

The wreath is on a metal frame wrapped in burlap, separating the flowers from the cake. There is space in the centre for a topper or more flowers. 

A mix of dried flowers including lavender, gypsophila, roses as the base and seasonal flowers to fill. Each will be different. We can also take custom requests if you have a favourite flower or specific theme.

The image shows a 20cm (8 inch) cake and the wreath comes slightly over the edge. 

Ribbon is included in the package so you can hang up your wreath after the event.

We recommend keeping the wreath away from direct sunlight, damp conditions or a heat source, to help prolong the colour and life of the wreath. 

Please note - the wild twiggy bits are sent loose as they will be damaged in transit. These can be poked into the wreath once in place. 

Wire Topper or base flowers not included but can be added on!

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