So Long 2017

Hello 2017! Goodbye 2017!

That's how much I blogged in 2017, like, nada. If we could all survive off my best intentions we would all be rich beyond our wildest dreams. 

So, it's that time again and rather than just Facebook my countdown like last year, I thought I'd blog it. Then three of you can see my efforts rather than two :)

What a year! You marvellous lot have brought me another year of self-employment and the gratitude is big time. Take a look at the figures.


The Countdown of 2017

5211 items made and sent to you!

3532 customers (did that include you?)

1484 mugs sent (over 600 of those to tell someone you loved them)

1192 cake toppers beautifully crafted just for you

849 times I called Spotify 'Shopify' (occupational hazard)

696 wire letters hand-bent (your favourite being the letter A by far, after the trusty ampersand)

219 tree toppers made (copiers aplenty, *shakes fist at the shameless woman that hid behind her 'solicitor talk' rather than stand by common community courtesy)

169 cringe worthy deleted insta story attempts

163 yay cake toppers sent

75 articles and blog posts (probably, no idea, but yay to anyone who supported us!

25 new holes in Dad's gloves

4 pencils nicked and chewed by Digby (an improvement on 2016)

3 spiders found in mugs 

3 times Katie freaked out about spiders in mugs

2 new workshops

2 Etsy events

1 Etsy 'Featured Seller' article

1 Ridiculously quick renovation of workshop for said Etsy feature

1 visit to NOTHS HQ

1 spider in my face mask (discovered once on my face)

1 new member of the team (Katie rocks)


Etsy interviewed us in May as a featured seller, so we went all guns blazing with the workshop renovation. Here is the article and images of our sparkly new work space.

Katie joined us in June and if I do say so myself, my instincts rocked. I couldn't stop grinning when she left after the interview and I'm not sure I even gave her enough time to get home before I rang and offered her the job. 

Seeing the things we make in your homes and at your weddings is the best. Don't forget to keep tagging us! 



 Thank you 2017 and all you lovely, lovely lot. x




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